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Walk to Work Day: it's good for the soul and for the business

On Friday 6th April, get everyone out there, raising heart rates and feeling good about themselves. Your business will thank you for it.

Employee wellbeing and internal branding are so powerful. Business owners are waking up to it. So, what’s it all about?


Nev from BBC’s The Call Centre coined the phrase “Happy people sell”. Richard Branson said, “Learn to look after your staff first and the rest will follow”. Your team are the heart of the business and if they are happy and proud of what they do, this will transfer to the customers. So, invest in that bike scheme, have walking meetings, create a family sports day. Do whatever it is that makes work a great place to be, because the lines between home and work have been blurred and it’s really important that the work life balance is kept.  

Learn to look after your staff and the rest will follow. - Richard Branson

Internal branding

The culture that you create in and around work is key to the success of your organisation. The more you invest in your team, the more they will invest in the company. And I don’t just mean paying decent salaries. Becoming more employee focussed is a huge cultural shift for many organisations, it’s not just a case of changing your logo and giving everyone a mug!

Core Values

These cannot be set by the board and dictated to the rest of the team, which is how many organisations have done it in the past. The best way to find out what your core values are is to ask the team first. Company-wide workshops are a great way to reveal why your employees love working for you rather than anyone else. These are your core values. Focus on and expand these values while at the same time addressing any negatives.


Share information with everyone who works for you. Objectives, activity required, performance to date, customer satisfaction levels, testimonials etc. It makes sure everyone is involved, not just the board or department heads. If you want the team to work towards a common goal you have to tell them what it is and listen to their suggestions about how to get there. They are empowered and you benefit from the full range of skills you have on the team.

According to BMG Research carried out last year, an employee who believes that their company cares about their wellbeing is 31% more effective. The CIPD Absent Management Report states stress as the biggest cause, after minor illness. This costs businesses an average of £522 per year, per employee in the private sector and £835 in public. So, do your bit, help your team and your business.

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