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Which charities should we support?

Not a decision to be taken lightly.

Many companies are aware of the commercial benefits of supporting a charity but what about the other subtler ones? How else does supporting a charity benefit your business?

As I was filling out my Just Giving page for The Big Sleep Out, my mind turned to how my clients benefit from supporting their charities and these are my top benefits:

1 Employee Engagement

Including your team in choosing the charity or charities you support each year is a valuable process when it comes to employee engagement. Asking employees to champion a cause that they believe in gives them a chance to share values very personal to them. Supporting their causes increases their feeling of being supported and valued outside of work.

2 Increased Teamwork

Some clients create cross functional committees of volunteers who take the lead on the organisation and running of the events. These types of teams are hugely effective in breaking down the traditional department silos and encourage teamwork across the whole company. The teamwork that happens in these committees continues during business as usual increasing communication between all departments.

3 Employee Development

Another benefit of creating cross functional teams of volunteers is that employees often develop new skills in the process. If the team is responsible for every stage from choosing the charity to planning, running and taking part in the events they could all learn something new.

4 Marketing Content

I am bound to mention this one! It’s true, promoting events run by your chosen charity and organising your own in support of them, does give you something else to talk about.

5 Customer Engagement

Not everyone is an expert in communicating what they stand for through brand and products. Choosing a charity with similar values to your own does this for you because customers will be able to connect to you on an emotional level. This increases the level of authenticity that customers feel about you.

So, involve everyone in the choice. It’s a matter of social responsibility to support good causes and it increases the strength of your team and their feelings of wellbeing at work.

On 11 May 2018 I am sleeping out to raise awareness of the great work that Trinity does. They provide vital and practical support to over 600 people a year who experience homelessness or vulnerability. Thank you.

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