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A beautiful royal partnership

Competition, co-opetition, synergy, silos, pride and prejudice

Q: What do Harry and Megan, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy and cats Smudge and Indie all have in common?

A: They’ve overcome differences and challenges to be together, showing that if you really want something enough you can make it happen.

Smudge and Indie

You will have heard of the other two couples, but not these guys. They're the feline rulers of the garden and have a deep-seated, negatively competitive relationship. Indie is a bully, jealous of attention given elsewhere and Smudge just asks for trouble! They fight all the time.

But, this morning, they wanted something so much, they put aside their differences to plan and execute a winning strategy. And what a team they made. I was rudely awakened by the result…a magpie that had been lured inside the house. It was caught in the blinds, panicking and unable to get out. Two smug looking cats were sitting on the stairs waiting for the bird to drop. An amazing piece of teamwork I never thought I’d see from these two.

Fortunately for the magpie, I foiled their plans. The mischievous couple were banished to their garden kingdom so I could coax the poor bird outside.

Co-opetition not Competition

Never heard of it? Time to start learning. A term I’ve taken from ‘The 80 Minute MBA’, Reeves and Knell. Competition in the traditional sense is outdated. In order to drive your business forward and overcome common obstacles, you need to work together with those that you might consider your competitors. Reeves and Knell use the example of a retailers sharing lorries, warehouses and distribution networks. Think about your business, what could you share with others in your industry? Contact us if you are stuck for ideas.

Elizabeth and Darcy

‘Pride and Prejudice’. You could say that the title of the novel tells us what hurdles the protagonists overcome before they get together. I know this is simplistic but bear with me! You could also argue that each of them has family challenges they need to be made to see which brings them closer together. The common aim of protecting their own families from the same danger (the disgraceful Mr Wickham) unites our most famous literary couple for ever.

Synergy not silos

Despite the term ‘silos’ being around forever in business, they still exist. It’s important to look at relationships on the board, silos breed from here (like Lady Catherine). You must ensure that everyone understands what the goal is, and steps are put in place to communicate it.

I’m helping put a man on the moon - Caretaker, NASA HQ

When President John F Kennedy was on a tour of NASA headquarters, he asked the caretaker, mopping the floor, what he was doing. ‘I’m helping put a man on the moon’, he answered. He understood the bigger picture and how his contribution helped move the team towards their common goal.

Does everyone know what the company’s core values are? Do they know what the mission is? Have they bought into it? Are they happy? How do you know?

Harry and Megan

Whatever your thoughts are on the Royal Wedding this weekend, you can’t have missed the challenges that these two have faced leading up to the big day. They obviously have a huge and experienced team around them but, at the end of the day, it is just them. They made the decision to get married and they will make it work. Congratulations to you both.

Hoyland doesn’t offer marriage counselling but is experienced in sales, business development, product marketing, internal brand management and strategic marketing. So, if you need support in creating harmony within your business and increasing productivity, get in touch now:

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