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Lost Voice Guy finds his, where's yours?

Lost Voice Guy, Lee Ridley, won Britain’s Got Talent yesterday, what can we learn from him about getting the right tone of voice in business?

What is voice?

The sound our vocal chords make, how we feel in words, a third party that represents the opinion of a group or  “The natural and distinctive tone of the speech sounds characteristic of a particular person”, Collins Concise English Dictionary. This last definition is particularly relevant in to our corporate voice.

The natural and distinctive tone of the speech sounds characteristic of a particular person 

- Collins Concise English Dictionary 


Your voice should be as natural as if you were talking to your customer face to face. Don’t over formalise it, those days are gone. The aim is to build on or build new relationships with customers. You know your customers, you know your best customers, that’s who you want more of. That’s who you need to be attracting. They are the key. Your voice needs to be one that is attractive to them. If you don’t know, find out.


Look at your competitors, differentiate yourselves. If you speak to your market in the same way that everyone else does, you aren’t going to stand out. Your communications will get lost in the mass of digital noise. Don’t be afraid to be different. Different wins, look at Apple, Tesla or the hilarious insults that Lee threw at the judges!


Decide on your tone. How do your customers speak to each other? Are they authoritative and serious or conversational and friendly? Revisit your customer personas and use a tone that will appeal to them. This will encourage them to engage with you and increase sales. 


What are your core values, is your voice a representation of these characteristics? If you don’t know what your core values are read 'May the fourth be with you and your brand values'.

Now you've got this sorted, there are two major things you need to show:

1 Consistency

Each time he spoke, Lee used the same voice, accent, pitch and tone. Now, when we hear that voice,  even if we don’t see his face, we’ll know it’s him. That’s why it is so important to establish your business voice, the expression of your brand through words. It’s a shortcut to your perfect customer.  Make sure you have a guide for everyone in the company to follow when they're creating any type of communication.

2 Inspiration

The words you use are important too, they should persuade the reader or listener to take action. Use verbs and short phrases. This ensures the message is clear and doesn’t get lost in waffle!

Massive congratulations to Lee and to you if you have nailed all the tips here. If not, get in touch

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