• solopreneur support

    Supporting freelancers and individuals with concept design and strategic planning or advice

    per hour


    If you can, it's best to book in for a two-hour session because the more time we have, the more you will get out of it. You will walk away with a clear plan of action.

    per day


    A full day is great if you really want to get a project over the line. No more procrastination. We will get it moving today!

  • SME


    Supporting business owners on a monthly basis

    two days


    Choose which days suit you best each month.

    Minimum six months

    three days


    Days suited to you, remote or in the office.

    Minimum six months

    four days


    Choose which days, location & meeting type. Minimum six months

    one off


    Strategy report as described on home page.

  • copywriting

    For everyone

    level 1


    One sided flyer,

    leaflet or postcard

    A6, A5, A4

    level 2


    Two sided flyer, leaflet or postcard

    A6, A5, A4

    level 3


    Blog, article, product info or newsletter

    600 words, two sets of changes.

    level 4


    Board report, white paper, pitch document or presentation, two sets of changes

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